Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm not a fabricaholic....really!!

So I went for a wander through town today, even though I really shouldn't with my money situation but I ended up going into Goldings and chatting to the sales lady about the best fabric dyes to use and so on. I have at least 5.5m of red cotton velvet that I want to use to make a replica of Hans Holbein's c1537 Jane Seymour portrait. The problem is the red velvet is just a little too red for someone with pale Irish skin that reflects any bright colour held next to it. I do not look flattering in bright red. So I want to dye it a darker, more flattering red, closer to the colour in the portrait. I also have 5m of white damask silk that would be lovely dyed an olive green to match Agnolo Bronzino's Unknown Lady in Green c1540. However having never done a fabric dye before I needed advice. If anyone has any for me, it would be greatly appreciated

Then I ended up at Arthur Toyes looking for lining for a friend's Cranach style gown when I was surprised to find a whole stash of good quality linens at a reasonable price. I couldn't help but grab a couple of metres of a dark olive green to make a shirt for my man to go with the black and green outfit I'm supposed to be making him. Should get onto it but real life awaits.

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