Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun

Wow it has been a loooong time since I remembered that I had a blog. Almost a year to be exact. New resolution: to write a small entry at least once a month on what I've achieved in my costuming. Since my post last February, I have done plenty of work, not just for myself. Here's a list, mainly to remind myself just how much I have done.
For me:
Re-covered my Elizabethan stays with a sturdier fabric
Embroidered camica
Handsewn Venetian gown with matching lace on sleeves
Flag fan, gold organza veil, pearled corset cover, fur-lined muff
Elizabethan doublet with matching detachable skirt and Spanish sleeves
Underskirt with embroidered forepart
Underkirtle of blue and green taffeta
Black velvet tall hat
Black-worked shift
Linen gown with shoulder rolls

For my man: (oh yeah, he asked me to marry him about a month after my last post, I said yes and promptly collapsed into a sobbing mess)
Gold worked shirt
Pirate jacket
Embroidered badges for his rapier guild scarf
Lining for his embroidered cloak

For friends:
Couple of men's shirts
Re-made a shift
Green silk Venetian
Red velvet Tudor
Blue satin Elizabethan stays
Black-worked cuffs

And then there are all the projects that I started but never completed, like the matching brocade covered choppines for my Venetian ensemble and a Svante Sture outfit (with padded codpiece) for hubby-to-be.

Photos will be added as soon as my temperamental computer allows me to post them.