Friday, October 8, 2010

New directions

Unfortunately I've recently found out that I can't afford to go to Canterbury Faire 2011 next year, so all my rush to get the Allessandro Allori dress finished in time was all in vain. All I had left to do was finish stitching the ribbon onto the organza sleeves and attach sleeves to the chemise. And now I can't show it off until some other time next year. Sigh. However, now that I don't have to sew my own things (several chemises and a new kirtle), I have time to finish off the Svante Sture outfit for my gorgeous man. Its fitting really well so far, the main torso has been put together, just have to get him to stand still to mock up some sleeves. I'm thinking of couching three lines of gold cord around the edges as decoration, or getting him to spring for some green taffeta as in the description in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion. I could probably argue that the green velvet in the pluderhose doesn't match the shirt green (its actually not a nice shade of green velvet at all) and then the entire outfit can match! Last night I quickly sewed up the olive green linen I bought a few weeks into a shirt to go under the doublet, all french seams that were handsewed down. Only have to make up the left wrist and neck box pleated ruffles. The green really suits him.

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