Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to it

So I've been rather quiet lately. Mainly because I've been in Egypt for a month and then got back in time to frantically finish my creations in time for Canterbury Faire. And best of all, I'd finished my re-creation of Marie de Medici's dress by Alessandro Allori, wore it to the feast, caught the eye of every single Laurel in the room and was given the Order of the Golden Lily the next day!! So over the moon! Two days later, my awesomely speccy man Lord Diego was called up in court and given the Order of the Silver Helm for his rapier garb, the first rapier combatant to get such an award. He'd spent several weeks working on a black velvet jerkin with gold ribbon, with matching pluderhose and a goldworked shirt, with a few tantrums when it seemed he'd never get it done in time, so I am so proud of him for getting his most deserved award. Photo's to come as soon as I can get a hold of the right cord for this camera. Next project already underway. I've gone a little cuckoo and am handsewing myself a corset based on the Queen Elizabeth 1 effigy corset. Two layers of striped twill with an outer layer of red velvet. I'm using waxed linen threads to sew all the boning channels which will be stuffed with reeds. Using period methods, all three pieces will be completely finished before I whip stitch them together. I have yet to decide what the binding fabric will be around the edges. So far in 48hrs, I have sewn 17 channels in backstitch.

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